Every Day Carry: July 2023 Edition

So over the last several years I’ve noticed a trend for people talking and sharing their “Every Day Carry.” Now I was kind of curious and started to follow several accounts to see what they carry and how it evolves. As I was following those couple of accounts I started to notice other people that I was following, now just so you’re aware they didn’t post their everyday carry, start to post their daily carry or daily fit. I fell in love with how some of these people were so consistent in what they carried and why they carried it. I found myself starting to think more about why I carried what I had and it’s purpose as opposed to just throwing stuff into a pocket and walking out the door. So along with the video that’s going live soon here is my everyday carry for you to see broken down into categories and what each item is.


Apple Watch Ultra

I’ve personally owned three different Apple Watches including the Ultra above but this is my favorite one of all of them. At the start the Apple Watch was the new thing on the block and it did a lot of things ok but nothing really great. With the Ultra it takes everything it was good with and takes it up a notch. This is the most durable Apple Watch I’ve ever worn. I’ve bashed the watch on countless surfaces and edges and it keeps on going without slowing down. This is probably the best purchase I’ve made in a long time and it’s the one thing I can not leave the house without.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you’re into technology then you know what this phone is. It is the super computer that is with me on a daily basis and is what I’ve been taking a lot of photos on as of late. It isn’t clean, it’s got a bit of wear but it’s mine and it’s the most useful thing on my person daily.

Apple Air Pods Pro (Gen 1)

My Airpods Pro are my favorite pair of wireless earbuds or headphones I’ve ever used. These are so small that they don’t add a lot of bulk but they sure pack a punch. The way these just work between all of my Apple devices without the hassle of disconnecting them from one to connect to another one. The audio quality is very good but they also have a good microphone that doesn’t completely such for when you need to use it in a pinch.

Life Saving Equipment

Tourniquet and Sharpie

So this is a CAT-7 Tourniquet and a regular black Sharpie. This is pretty straight forward for the use but I have to say this first. Make sure you’re buying legitimate tourniquets from trusted suppliers. You do not want to have to use one of these and find out you have a fake because it’s not working. I purchased mine through T-REX ARMS who get all of their supply directly from North American Rescue. I also have some RATs tourniquets in my med pack in my vehicle. The Shapie is for writing on the tourniquet for time placed on a person if needed or just writing on something that a pen wouldn’t work.


Leatherman Raptor Shears

This is probably the one thing that is newest in my everyday carry along with the tourniquet above. I’ve carried a pocket knife for most of my teenage/adult life so that’s something I’m grown accustom to. These however are not used for anything unless I absolutely have to. These are used for only a handful of things, including; Cutting a Ring off, Window Punch, Cutting clothing, Seat Belt Cutter and an oxygen tank key. That is the list of what I would use these for. So with that said I haven’t had to use them in public but I did use them in the jail for a couple of different things.

MicroTech OTF Coyote Camo

This knife is my current everyday carry for at work. This knife just sits in my pocket and is used mostly for cleaning my nails or getting splinters out of my fingers. All that aside this knife is super sharp and very unique. I know for a fact that I’m the only one in the area with this knife so if it happens to fall out of my pocket and I see it I know it’s mine. With this knife being and OTF there is more maintenance then a regular knife. I have to lubricate the blade with some gun oil, which I have quite a bit of, on a regular basis.

Benchmade 417 Fact Folding Knife

This is my more classy/non work knife. This knife is super thin and can fit into almost any pocket that you could have in your jeans. It also has a very low pocket clip so it doesn’t even look like you have a knife on you. What else can I say about this knife, It’s a Benchmade so it’s good.

Sig Sauer P320

So this is my Sig Sauer P320 X-Full Carry, wow that’s a mouthful. So this firearm has a couple of different additions to it that isn’t what you get out of the box from Sig Sauer. First off there is a Leupold Delta Point Pro direct mounted to the slide. This is my favorite upgrade that I did to the firearm and it has made me a much more accurate shooter. The light on the firearm is the Streamlight TLR-1HL. This is my go to pistol light for myself. I own two of them and they haven’t let me down. Lastly is the Magwell extension from Herrington Arms. This is designed to work with both the stock mags from Sig Sauer and aftermarket base plates for your P320 magazines.

If you would like to watch the video version of this post click here (this will open in a new tab). The video does have my wallet and a little something special for those who watch the video and not read the post. Thank you all for your time and I will see you all very soon!






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