Life Update: Mid 2023 Edition

Where I’ve been and What I’m doing

Well it has been quite some time since I’ve done one of these and I’m going to do my best to make sure to put everything I can in here about what I’m doing and what I’m going to be doing going forward. I used to put out these updates once a year with an included video on the YouTube channel. Well I haven’t posted a life update in quite some time and I think right now is as good as ever since quite a lot has changed. Oh where’s my manners, Hello everyone I’m Houston (aka MannCave) and this is my 2023 Update for me and my life.

What’s happened the last couple of years

Well let’s go back to my last life update, which for everyone that isn’t aware it was in 2019, I was in a pretty cool spot and probably the best spot for me in what would be some time. If you would like to see that life update you can so by clicking here (it will open in a new tab so you won’t have to worry about leaving the page). For those of you who don’t want to watch the whole video here’s what happened. TLDR; I was in a car accident and purchased a new vehicle, 2018 Dodge Charger R/T, and talked about what I wanted to do with the future of my channel. Now if you’ve been around long enough you know that I’ve had about a million different ideas and directions that I wanted to take my personal content and where I think I would’ve enjoyed creating content the most. Now we’re over four years removed from that video in 2019 I will bring in a little bit of a spoiler but, I did not do what I wanted to do and my life has changed more than I ever thought it would. I’ll start with 2020.

My (former) 2018 Dodge Charger
2020: The year we will never forget

Well, well, well 2020 was a year that I think most of will want to forget and not think about probably ever again. I’ll start with this little nugget, my sister and I moved out of our parent’s house and into an apartment together. This was all based on a minimum dollar amount that both of us were able to make and contribute to our housing situation. With that said a little thing happened and it rocked our world. If you didn’t know, like living under a rock or maybe on a deep isolation retreat to the middle of nowhere, COVID struck our world and put us all into a holding pattern for some time. In 2020 I had been at my job at that time for only about a year and to keep from having to lay off employees, my boss cut all of our hours down and caused me to burn through all of my Paid Time Off to be able to afford to still live in the apartment that my sister and I had moved into. This means that there was a lot of butting of heads and arguments between us. I will say this is what probably happened to a lot of roommates, but my sister and I had been living together for the last 22 years of my life and the last 21 of hers (aka all of our lives). This caused us to find what really find the pet-peeves that we had for one another and just really cause us to have friction. Fortunately we still had love for one another (I’d say I’m the lucky one because she’s really strong willed and will not be wavered) and we were able to work it out together. During this time I spent most of my time playing FiveM and being an internet cop in various FiveM communities and streaming my adventures on Twitch (I am an affiliate on the platform but at this time not streaming there). With that said my paychecks kept being smaller and it was really difficult for me to afford to live really any type of life. I decided to try my hand into the world of law enforcement. I left my job and joined my local sheriff’s office at the end of 2020.

2021 – 2022: Uncertainty and being lost

In 2021 my life really started to change. I started my stint with the Sheriff’s Office and started to find something that I truly found enjoyable and something I thought would be my career. I found working in my position enjoyable and fulfilling. I worked inside of the Jail and had daily interactions with inmates from every walk of life. This included everyone from Murders to individuals on their third DUI. I took immense pride in the job and what I thought would be my career forever. I stuck it out through some of the toughest times in my life. I watched the staffing go from bad to unimaginably terrible. I will say that no matter what anyone says if a department will not tell you how many open positions they have, they are hiding how terrible their numbers really are. The department I was a member of continued to change maximum staffing numbers to make things seem not as bad as they really were. For months, even though I watched no new hires come through the jail, staffing remained at 30%. During this time I was not able to spend time with friends or family very much. One thing I haven’t been very upfront and personal with is my faith and how I believe. I’ve never been ashamed of my faith and the love I have for my God, it just never was something that was appreciated by most so I kept it to myself. I found myself in a very dark place since I wasn’t able to go to church or spend time around the people that had very similar views to myself. At the end of 2021 my department switched to 12 hour shifts. This came with us working at least four days a week and we were supposed to be off three days in a row. This didn’t last, I believe we were only on that schedule for a month or two before we were working five days a week. Around this same time I moved into my own apartment and began to live completely on my own. I had also lost a friend group that I had grown very close to. This all stemmed from a misunderstanding and just immaturity by everyone involved. I didn’t see these people in person but I spent hours with them all online on my days off when I wasn’t with my family. I left that situation feeling very alone and unsure of what to do. I took a step back and focused on myself and my job. I buried myself in my work and just attempted to disappear from the internet for some time. During this time I bought a lot of firearms and found a love for the 2a movement and becoming more knowledgeable about firearms and started to build a passion for building firearms and all the technology behind it. I had thought about going back to school but at that time, working over 65 hours a week, I didn’t have the time to do so. I buried my head and moved into 2023.

2023: Massive changes and today

In January of 2023 I started to feel like my time with the Sheriff’s Office was coming to a close. This wasn’t coming from my supervisors or anything but I had a feeling that I had to get out there before it was too late. I had watched all of my friends and people that I had gotten close to leave for bigger and better opportunities. I did try my hand at attempting to get onto a local Police Department and go to an academy but nothing ever worked out for me. I believe this was God preventing me from getting into a situation that wasn’t for me. I do know my mom was extremely thankful every time I told her that a job didn’t pan out. Lets fast forward to April of this year and I was facing extreme burn out. I no longer wanted to go to work and I found myself sick a lot more than I really had been in a very long time. My love for the job was no longer there and it became a chore to just do daily tasks. I found myself sleeping almost all the time and I wasn’t enjoyable to be around. My little bit of time I was able to spend with my parents was spent sleeping and not actually being with them. We had gone out and I had decided I was going to find a job that was similar but not the same to what I had been doing. Now for personal protection I will not be telling you where I work now but if you follow me on Instagram you may be able to find out at some point. I was offered a job out in the public and with the ability of being outside. I had been cooped up inside of a jail for just over two and half years. I put in my notice and left the Sheriff’s Office. This was a giant step into the unknown and I didn’t know how I was going to fit in or if I was going to be able to make this job work out. Little did I know that I would work with some amazing people and honestly feel like I belonged way faster than I could have ever hoped.

Today and into the Future: Where we’re going

That would lead us up to today. It is currently July 2, 2023 as I’m typing this blog post. After having been away for years from writing one of these I have found this to be a very enjoyable experience. I can see why I used to type up technology reviews back in the day. Moving forward I am going to be going back to college starting in just over three weeks from time of writing. I am going to be attending the Sonoran Desert Institute. This college is a gunsmithing school and I will be taking the full course for an associates degree. With that said I’m wanting to document my progress through the program. I’ve heard great things from multiple people about the school and I already feel that I have way more support than I did before. I also want to get back into Photography and making videos for YouTube or wherever I decide really. I’m wanting to do cinematic content like I did back in 2017 and 2018. I have a better direction I want to go and I will be making a video to accompany this for those who are not interested in reading a terribly long blog post. I plan on utilizing this website for my SDI updates and really whatever I want to. I’m planning on embedding my videos here for you all to watch if you would like. I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you all very very soon. Below you should be able to find my social links and if you would drop me a follow for updates and I will do my best to keep connected with you all there.

Take Care!






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